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Hot Water & Steam

Our HOT WATER hoses are manufactured from heat resistant compounds in long length and mandrel built rubber formats, which all have non marking covers and tend to be supplied with textile plies reinforcement as they are designed for hot water, steam & vapour delivery only and are mainly used in the dairy and food industries for wash down applications. Our Rubber STEAM HOSES are manufactured from heat & steam resistant compounds in mandrel built formats and comply to BS5122 or BS5342 2A and should be drained after use. For steam applications up to 7 Bar they would have textile plies reinforcement and for Superheated steam up to 17 Bar they will have wire braids of reinforcement and a pin pricked cover to prevent blistering during use. Which can be supplied in coils or predetermined cut length format or as fully fitted hose assemblies with your choice of fittings except steam hoses as they can only be fitted with approved Boss Type steam couplings and safety clamps.

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