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Material Handling

Our MATERIAL HANDLING hoses are manufactured in mandrel built highly abrasive resistant and electrically conductive natural rubber or PVC/Polyurethane compounds that are durable, flexible, with good kink and abrasion resistance and come with either just textile plies reinforcement for delivery applications or textile plies reinforced with a steel wire helix and some with an antistatic wire or an electrically conductive tube and cover for bulk suction & delivery applications. Which have been specifically designed to convey abrasive media such as sand, shot, screed, slurry, plaster, cement, animal feed. Making them ideally suited for use in the construction, manufacturing, shot blasting, quarrying, agricultural, bulk silo feed and tanker industries. All can be supplied in coils or predetermined cut length format or fully fitted hose assemblies with your choice of hose fittings.

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